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Start-Ups & Venture Capital

Start-ups and venture capital companies face significant pressures during their early development including a focus on securing immediate financing and ensuring a suitable corporate structure.

At this critical stage, these companies require sound legal advice that addresses their short-term capital needs, while also positioning them to meet their long-term strategic objectives. Maxis Law’s team of skilled lawyers has a proven track-record of successfully advising start-ups and venture capital companies through these precarious stages.

We provide strategic legal advice that is tailored towards the specific needs of our clients. Our firms’ efficient size, and the wealth of experience of our partners, ensures that our clients receive expert advice without the unnecessary overhead. We provide our clients with sound and pragmatic legal advice throughout all stages of their development, including advice with respect to incorporation and initial structuring, founders’ shares, stock option plans, angel investor financing, venture capital financing, venture capital corporations, Small Business Venture Capital Act (British Columbia) matters, and various agreements such as reverse vesting, non-disclosure, consulting, employment, subscription, and shareholder agreements.

Maxis Law understands the passion, diligence, and innovative thinking it takes to turn an idea into a successful business. Accordingly, we aim to protect our clients’ ideas and provide them with the best avenue for success by providing thoughtful and strategic legal advice.

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